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The medicinal mushrooms and their effects

The medicinal mushrooms and their effects

The medicinal mushrooms and their effects 650 366 K9-DogHealth.com

The active ingredients in medicinal mushrooms stimulate the body’s immune system and inhibit the formation, growth and spread of tumours without side effects.

Medicinal mushrooms are certain types of mushrooms that have been used for a long time by traditional healers in the Far East, and which, among other things, are suitable for curing various diseases thanks to their immune-boosting properties.

In addition to their special properties, these medical mushrooms supply the body with the necessary nutrients: vitamins, minerals, and proteins. These compounds are essential for the body’s energy production and the proper functioning of cells. Each mushroom has different beneficial properties. The most important for us are those that can be used in the fight against cancer.

More and more attention is being paid to the study of medicinal mushrooms worldwide. The work is made easier by the fact that medicinal mushrooms have been used for thousands of years. So there is little fear of unexpected, unforeseen side effects.

Certain active ingredients of natural plant origin, special, unique polysaccharides found in medicinal mushrooms have already been approved as antitumor drugs in some countries (such as Japan).

In terms of their effect, the special polysaccharides can, among other things, cut off the blood supply of tumor cells and activate the tumor-killing functions of NK and phagocytic cells, increase insulin sensitivity and reduce insulin levels, thereby promoting the recovery of patients.

Medicinal mushrooms in K9 products

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Agaricus blazei Murill – Almond mushroom


Almond mushroom

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Approximately 60 years ago, in 1945, an American mycologist named William Alphonso Murill described for the first time a white-stemmed, brown-hatted mushroom as a new, until then unknown species in Florida. This mushroom quickly became popular around the world with its decorative appearance, pleasant smell and taste reminiscent of almonds and marzipan.

Agaricus blazei has become one of the most intensively researched species today. It has been proven to have a positive effect on healing in some bacterial and viral diseases. It is also a complementary treatment for certain cancers and can be consumed by diabetics. This is one of the reasons why the dried, encapsulated products made from this mushroom have become very popular all over the world.

Active ingredients of the mushroom

  • Polysaccharides: It contains 23.5 times more lentinan than the average mushroom. It has been used in Japan since 1985 as a medicine to treat various cancers and other immune deficiencies.
  • Steroids: They were able to extract 6 types of steroids from the body of the mushroom
  • Lipids and lectins

Effects attributed to the mushroom

  • increases the immune system’s defences
  • reduces cholesterol levels
  • has a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system
  • improves liver function
  • reduces insulin resistance


Cordyceps sinensis – Caterpillar fungus



Since ancient times, the caterpillar fungus has been classified as one of the most valuable materials in Asia – Cordyceps was even more expensive than silver! In the highlands of Tibet, the fungus develops underground by parasitizing the larvae of a certain insect until it grows out of the ground. A well-known figure in ancient Chinese medicine, Cordyceps sinensis, i.e. the Chinese caterpillar fungus, reduced the growth of cancerous tumors in laboratory experiments. The Cordyceps mushroom is used in several countries as an alternative preparation to alleviate the side effects of radiation treatment and chemotherapy.

But researchers at the University of Nottingham have shown that cordycepin, the active ingredient in Chinese caterpillar fungus, can slow the growth of tumour cells.

This effect can occur in two ways, depending on the dose the patient receives:

  • At low doses, cordycepin interferes with the function of mRNA (messenger RNA), which encourages the tumor cell to build protein.
  • In larger doses, the Cordyceps mushroom extract directly stimulates the cells to produce protein.

Although these two processes are technically different, both can occur because cordycepin affects protein production in cells. According to Cancer Research UK, Cordyceps has anti-cancer, anti-tumor and anti-metastasis properties.

Chinese and Japanese researchers investigated the beneficial effects of Cordyceps sinensis on cancerous tumors. During a study, 46% of 50 lung cancer patients experienced a decrease in tumor size. According to Japanese researchers, Cordyceps sinensis increases the function of the immune system, thereby increasing the body’s resistance to cancer cells. Their claim was proven with mouse experiments. Also, Cordyceps sinensis promotes the functioning of the immune system and the body’s resistance.

(Source: Dr. Zhu at the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine 1998)


Ganoderma lucidum


Ganoderma lucidum

Ganoderma, reishi, lingzhi. This medicinal mushroom is known by many names around the world. It has been considered one of the most effective medicinal plants in China for over 4000 years. The first written memories go back 2000 years.

The Ganoderma is perhaps the most widely accepted medicinal mushroom in Japan, and is believed to have the following effects:

  • Reduces inflammation and relaxes smooth muscles.
  • Blood sugar lowering effect – ganoderan A and B.
  • Blood pressure lowering, calming effect – adenosine, triterpenes, ganoderol A and B.
  • Antihistamine-like, allergy-curing effect – type C and D ganoderic acids.
  • Inhibitory effect on tumour cells – ganoderic acid T and Z and giant polysaccharides.
  • Cholesterol and blood fat lowering effect – ganoderic acid derivatives.

According to the extensive literature, studies have been carried out mainly on liver, lung, stomach, bowel, prostate and certain leukaemia cancers, which have led to the specific recommendation of ganoderma as an adjuvant treatment, especially in Far Eastern countries (China, Japan, Korea). In particular, these studies highlight the beta-glucan content of ganoderma and the fact that the effectiveness of beta-glucans can be increased when combined with vitamin C. The role of beta-glucans is also not negligible when analysing the effects of the fungus on tumour cells and the immune system.


Lentinula edodes – Shii-take



Its advantageous feature, which makes its consumption especially favorable for people with circulation problems, is that it contains a significant amount of potassium and phosphorus, while at the same time it contains little sodium. However, the mushroom – or more specifically the erythadenine compound it contains – converts the body’s lipoproteins into less fat and more protein, lowering blood cholesterol levels. Experiments have also shown that it lowers blood pressure and inhibits the formation of thrombosis.

The health benefits of shii-take mushrooms are mainly due to their carbohydrate composition.  It has been shown to contain a number of complex carbohydrates, polysaccharides – most notably the polysaccharide lentinan – which inhibit the growth of bacteria and viruses and even have anti-tumour properties by boosting the immune system. The researchers explain this by the fact that lentinan produces biologically active substances that stimulate the body’s immune system and increase the activity of macrophages in the blood. This also explains the anti-allergic and anti-inflammatory effects of the fungus. Shii-take also has a bacteriostatic effect, inhibiting the growth of several bacterial species.


Grifola frondosa

Grifola frondosa

Grifola frondosa

The medicinal properties of Grifola frondosa in various areas were recognised in the 1980s. It was then that certain parts of Grifola frondosa were shown to have anti-tumour, blood sugar lowering, liver tonic and immune supporting properties. The blood-lowering effect of Grifola frondosa, thanks to its high ergosterol content, can significantly contribute to the prevention of osteoporosis. Other, complex natural substances probably also contribute to its effect against osteoporosis (loss of bone mass). Grifola frondosa can be an inexpensive alternative to complementary therapies aimed at lowering blood sugar levels due to its blood sugar-lowering effect. Grifola Frondosa has been shown to be very effective as an adjuvant therapy for breast and lung cancer.


Coriolus versicolor – Trametes versicolor


Coriolus versicolor

Coriolus versicolor is regularly cultivated in some countries to produce the natural polysaccharides beta-glucan (PSK) and polysaccharide peptide (PSP). Medicines made from it are used in cancer therapy as an adjunct to reduce the side effects of surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy. PSP is a commonly used anticancer drug in Japan. In addition to reducing the negative effects of ‘conventional’ therapies, the mushroom extract also has a beneficial effect on the immune system.


“The active ingredients in the mushrooms Grifola frondosa, Ganoderma lucidum and Agaricus blazei Murill stimulate the body’s immune system, which inhibits the formation, growth and spread of tumours without any harmful side effects. Surgical removal of tumours, irradiation and chemotherapy can have a very beneficial effect. It is worth mentioning that in Japan, one of the active ingredients of polysaccharides is a registered antitumour drug officially used. Since the consumption of a concentrated powder mixture of the fungi Grifola frondosa, Ganoderma lucidum and Agaricus blazei Murill, e.g. in the form of tea, provides essentially all the active ingredients, its use may be useful in promoting the recovery of cancer patients and improving their quality of life.”

(Professor Dr. József Fachet, cancer researcher, immunologist)

Dog cancer and immunomodulatory therapy

Immunomodulatory therapy consists of two parts:

  • to reduce the size of the tumour using traditional methods (surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy),
  • activate the immune system, make it recognise the tumour cell and trigger an appropriate immune response.

Similar to K9 INU®, and K9 InuExtra® products are composed of 6 different natural immune-boosting medicinal mushrooms. Their main active ingredients are heteropolysaccharides, which have immunostimulatory, antitumour and anti-metastatic effects.

Surgery and chemotherapy are effective in removing most of the tumour, but this is only half of the healing process. These interventions do not cure the cancer, they do not correct the immune system dysfunction that allowed the tumour cells to develop.

However, when surgical intervention and chemotherapy are used to remove the bulk of the tumour cells that are burdening the body, along with immunomodulatory therapy (K9 Immunity™ and K9 Immunity Plus™) to trigger the body’s own line of defence, the immune system, the chances of the dog beating the tumour and living a normal lifespan are excellent.

Strengthening the immune system is essential in cancer (LymphomaOsteosarcomaMastocytomaHemangiosarcoma in dogs, etc.) and against any other disease resulting from an immune disorder! As long as the body does not react to the disease on its own, there is no real healing, only symptomatic treatment.

The vet usually says, rightly, that the only thing can be done to prolong the life of the dog, but the tumour is still there. Surgery and radiotherapy are essential to remove the tumour that has already developed, but it takes the body’s own strength to beat the disease.

In addition to veterinary treatments, it is crucial to place great emphasis on strengthening the immune system!

K9 Immunity™

K9 Immunity

K9 Immunity

Immunomodulating food supplement for dogs with the natural power of 6 different medicinal mushrooms.

K9 Immunity was developed for guide dogs suffering from cancer, but is now available for all dogs. It has already been used with outstanding success in more than 10,000 dogs suffering from cancer!

K9 Immunity™ contains immunomodulatory ingredients called heteropolysaccharides, including PSK, PSP and Lentinan, which are the three most commonly used anti-cancer compounds. It also contains nearly 200 other closely related polysaccharides that help the immune system function properly.

K9 Immunity™ is made from 100% USDA (US Department of Agriculture) and EU Certified Organic approved ingredients, manufactured to strict GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) standards and FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) recommendations. All-natural, non-toxic, 100% certified pure ingredients manufactured by Aloha Medicinals Inc.

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