K9 Transfer Factor™


K9 Transfer Factor™ is a nutritional supplement for dogs for a balanced immune system, the ability to recognise, and a proper immune response.

90 capsules/bottle

  • Recognises pathogens and transmits this knowledge at the cellular level
  • Triggers the immune system to respond
  • Balances the immune system
  • Promotes the bioavailability of K9 Immunity™
  • It contributes to the regulated functioning of the immune system

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For a balanced immune system and a proper immune response

K9 Transfer Factor – A transzfer faktor a kolosztrumban található kicsiny “hírvivő” molekulák csoportja. They were founded in 1949 by Dr.H. Sherwood Lawrence discovered it while researching TB. Colostrum, i.e. foremilk, is produced in mammals, including humans, only a few days after birth. The newborn’s immune system receives the first immune information with the colostrum, which prompts the first defensive reaction.

The functions of the “messenger” molecules in K9 Transfer Factor include:

  • to transmit the ability to recognize pathogens from cell to cell without the given cell having already encountered the pathogen,
  • activates and triggers the immune system to respond to foreign (malignant) cells,
  • thanks to their “intelligence”, they have both immunosuppressive and immunomodulating properties, i.e. they reduce or enhance the function of the immune system if necessary. (underfunction of the immune system, e.g.: various tumors, AIDS; overfunction of the immune system, e.g.: allergy, autoimmune)
  • they remember the microorganisms, so in the event of a possible subsequent attack, the immune response is faster and more effective.

K9 Transfer Factor™ is a liver-flavoured nutritional supplement with added anti-cancer ingredients (IP6 – inositol hexaphosphate, SOD – superoxide dismutase) specially developed for dogs.

It is not a miracle drug against cancer, it improves the body’s action against tumors.

By itself, it has no real effect against the tumor. Its significance is that it improves the absorption and biological utilization of the immunomodulating agent, K9 Immunity™. The combined use of K9 Immunity™ and K9 Transfer Factor™ is proven to be more effective than either alone.

While K9 Immunity™ improves the functioning of the immune system, K9 Transfer Factor through its aforementioned properties:

  • It helps the flow of information within the organization.
  • Increases the response time and efficiency of the immune system “rebooted” by K9 Immunity™.
  • It contributes to the regulated functioning of the immune system.
  • It helps the body to function normally against further diseases.

As an alternative to this product, K9 InuFactor® is now available.

– Colostrum powder

– Immune Assist™ Micron

  • Agaricus blazei extract
  • Cordyceps sinensis extract
  • Trametes versicolor extract
  • Ganoderma lucidum extract
  • Grifola frondosa extract
  • Lentinula edodes extract
  • For dogs under 11 kgs: 1 capsule per day
  • For dogs over 11 kgs: 2 capsules per day

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K9 Immunity™ is made from 100% USDA (US Department of Agriculture) and EU Certified Organic approved ingredients, manufactured to strict GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) standards and FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) recommendations. Made from all-natural, non-toxic, 100% certified pure ingredients by Aloha Medicinals Inc. In Hungary, it is certified as “other medicinal preparation” by the Agricultural Administration Office, issued to K9-Immun Ltd.  More information ›

The K9 INU®, K9 InuFactor®, K9 InuExtra®, K9 InuFlex® products are made in Hungary from carefully selected American and European ingredients, adhering to strict manufacturing regulations. They are certified by the National Food Chain Safety Office for K9-Immun Kft. as “other therapeutic products.” More information ›


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