Living with our dog is a long-term relationship. From the dog’s point of view, it can be a few square metres of slavery on chains, but it can also be a quality, meaningful, real dog-owner relationship!

But a quality relationship is not about cuddling, whining and being treated like a child!

When choosing a puppy, we need to be careful about the temperament of the dog we can keep up with in everyday life. If you don’t have much time for the dog during the day, don’t choose a very agile, task-hungry dog that requires a lot of exercise.

Living with dog

Consciously (mentally) exhausting your dog is just as important as, for example, eating the right food, and even more!

Another important thing to know is that physical exercise alone is not enough! I wonder how many people know themselves when, even after a three-hour walk home, the dog is controllable for about twenty minutes, and then just as agile, excitable and sometimes even more out of control than before the big walk.

It is not enough to put a dog on the treadmill and let it to get tired.

A dog needs a job, needs rules, needs ranking, needs authority. And the best way to get authority is not to fight for it through intimidation, but to earn it through consistent rules and joint work!

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