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Choosing a puppy

Choosing a puppy

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ded thatIf we’ve reached the stage of choosing a breed and then selecting a litter, one of the most beautiful tasks for the owner comes next: choosing the puppy. Arriving at the litter that holds our future “companion,” looking at the playful bundles, we need to figure out which puppy is ours.

It might sound strange, but those who have experienced this mystique will undoubtedly agree with the description. Euphoria, indecision, and impatience mix within us: How wonderful it would be to have them at home already!

Immersing ourselves in the bustling crowd of the litter, discovering the differences in seemingly identical puppies, getting to know their distinct personalities – it’s a great experience for the future owner.

Choosing a puppy

However, what touches us even more deeply is when we start to feel a special attraction to one of the furballs. As we observe the little ones, our gaze always falls on that particular one, maybe we begin to protect them from the others, or, on the contrary, their mischievousness captivates us.

Choosing a puppyIt doesn’t matter which pick in the order our puppy is; if we feel that they are the one for us, that’s what matters. It is crucial that this connection between owner and dog is established because it forms the foundation of their future relationship.

Dogs possess numerous abilities for which we don’t have a precise explanation, but we humans also have peculiar skills. The sympathy that arises when choosing a dog is one of these.

Every dog causes annoyance, and sometimes it’s hard to bear their behavior, yet the owner overlooks it. However, if their relationship doesn’t have deep roots, then tolerance is much lower. The dog seemingly becomes the embodiment of bad, stupid, or other negative human qualities. In reality, these are projections of our imagination. If the owner can’t truly accept their dog, an awkward story begins. The truth is unavoidable!

The owner must confront the fact that if any problems arise later, the cause is none other than them!

This is why it’s crucial that when we catch sight of a puppy from the litter, our heart beats faster for them. This can happen because they are so robust or because they seem vulnerable. It could also be because “they were the ones who came to us.” Anything else can cause that special feeling for the one we need, but it must be there!

Emotional Connection

Books suggest jingling keys, playing with a rag, observing the puppy’s reactions to different stimuli, etc. Do it if someone becomes fond of a puppy due to these activities. However, the developing emotional connection is much more critical. Those who have seen many litters, maybe even bred dogs themselves, can attest that sometimes the sleepiest one becomes an energetic, successful agility competitor, or the most timid puppy becomes the bravest – perhaps the owner chose them because they could give the puppy self-confidence.

A good owner acted prudently during the search for the breed, breeder, parents, and the litter. However, after this, during the selection of the puppy, they entrust themselves to their feelings!

Editor’s note

Today, the question should be more complex than this. It’s important to have a rough idea about the exercise needs and care of the chosen dog breed and as much information as possible. Does the breed suit us? Are we suitable for keeping such a breed in terms of our family situation? If the dog has long fur, will we take care of its coat, grooming? If it gets sick, do we have several hundred dollars to provide conscientious care and take it to the vet?

Provided that we know the answer to all these and have chosen a checked breeder who performed the necessary screenings on the parents, it’s time to look around. If you have an experienced dog owner friend, it might be worth consulting with them; they might mention a perspective you haven’t thought of. And if you have the financial means to hire a specialized dog trainer to help with the puppy selection, go for it. Trust me, there’s nothing worse than a hobbyist dog owner choosing a working-line, energy-packed companion for their hectic life. It doesn’t end well for either the owner or the dog. If you’re looking for such an expert and can’t find one, let us know; we can provide contact information for a few individuals we highly regard. If you’ve got a new family member, off to dog school with them!

Once you’ve made your choice and you have your puppy in your home, it’s worth checking that What kind of owner does the dog want.

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