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Dear Doghealth.com Team!

We chose the K9 FullFlex product for our 9-year-old Dachshund because we noticed that he occasionally limps on his right front paw and his shoulder seems a bit sensitive. He likely strained or pinched his shoulder muscle, as he is otherwise an energetic (sometimes overly active) dog. When he started turning his paw outward to avoid straining his shoulder, we began searching for a product that could alleviate his symptoms. After 3-4 days, improvement was visible and he no longer limps at all. Our very energetic dog has returned, keeping his paws nicely aligned (as much as his breed can).

The product has proven very effective, and we will continue to give it to him regularly.

Thank you very much!

9-year-old Dachshund

Dear DogHealth.com!

At first, I was reluctant to buy your product named K9 Fullflex due to its relatively high price, but now I would not switch to anything else, as it has EXCEEDED ALL MY EXPECTATIONS! Just like that, in capital letters.

Here is our story to prove it:
My nearly 11-year-old Labrador has had a lot of musculoskeletal problems since puppyhood, and since these were cumulative, surgeries barely helped. He has severe hip, elbow, and knee dysplasia, bamboo spine, and cervical disc herniation. Because of this, I have tried many products that might help him, even! For a while, he was on steroids and strong painkillers, which then led to internal organ problems, and on top of that, they no longer had a significant effect. Really, nothing helped him.
He hadn’t played, run around, or frolicked with our other dog for 3 years, just lay there all day when I found K9 Fullflex and my eye was caught by its medicinal mushroom and high green-lipped mussel content. I asked a few dog-owning friends about their experience with the product and heard only good things from them too. So I decided to buy a trial pack, but I didn’t expect a miracle. Though I could have because it happened!

After a week(!) of FullFlex treatment, he regained his desire to play and run around with my other dog! He became much more alert, assertive, and mobile. Sometimes he even dashes off and plays the fool for me!

I am endlessly grateful that Fullflex helped me get back the real Caesar, my eternally cheerful Labrador.
It’s a wonderful experience, thank you!
Indeed, the product is worth every penny, I recommend it!”


Ceasar, Labrador Retriever

Dear DogHealth,

maya My 12-year-old dog has been diagnosed with arthritis in his left hind leg. He constantly licked it and no longer wanted to play or run around. The medication recommended by the veterinarian also upset his digestion. That’s when I found K9 InuFlex. After just a few times, my dog’s leg improved, and he stopped licking it. His digestion returned to normal, and he became willing to play again. 🙂

I recommend it to everyone whose dog suffers from such an illness.

Thank you,

Maya & Orsi

Maya, Jack Russell terrier

Dear Address!

We started with K9 Fullflex at the beginning of the product, but unfortunately it did not deliver the results we expected. So we replaced it with K9 Inuflex, which came out over time and changed everything within a week. My previously listless Beagle / 8 years old at the time / who could barely walk changed completely. He was back to his old youthful, energetic, playful and happy dog. Looks like he will have to take this dust for the rest of his life. Let’s hope his body doesn’t get too used to it. If I need any help, I will definitely contact you.

Yours sincerely, Miklós

Beagle, 8 years old

In early June 2011, we noticed a lump on the leg of our beloved poodle Harry. We took him to the vet who advised us to remove it immediately. We were booked in for surgery later that week. When we spoke to the doctor after the operation, she said that the lump had visibly grown (and it had only been 3 days since the first appointment!)

While I was waiting for the results of the histology, I was desperately searching the internet for something that could help my puppy, and that’s how I came across your website. The following week our vet called with the results. The histology diagnosed a malignant tumour. Unfortunately I could not find anything on your website about this type of tumour, but I read through all the success stories and decided to try your products. Soon after talking to the vet, I ordered a month’s supply of K9 Immunity, Transfer Factor and Omega.

Harry started taking the products two days after the histology arrived. The diagnosis was malignant fibrous histiocytoma (MFH), a connective tissue tumor type, and extremely malignant. We did not expect Harry to live through June, much less July or August.

I am happy to say that I will order another month’s supply tomorrow, as Harry is better than he has been for years. He’s 9 now and has as much energy as he did as a puppy! He is very playful, has a great appetite and seems happy. We just went for a walk to his favourite park, where we met up with an old walking friend we haven’t seen in years. He said Harry looked great. I told him about his illness and he was absolutely shocked because he said it didn’t show a bit.

I’m so glad we gave your products a chance, even though Harry’s tumour is quite rare and always fatal. Every day we get to spend with him is a gift, and we have no doubt that without your preparations, they would not be either.

Thank you very much!
Lynn, Greg and Harry



I am just writing to thank you for your product, K9 Immunity. We have a 10 year old Norwegian Elkhound, Mohawk, who was diagnosed with lymphoma last May. We went through 20 weeks of Wisconsin protocol chemotherapy, but unfortunately in January he relapsed again. I found your product in December and decided to add it to his diet as a nutritional supplement for his second chemo course (10 weeks of modified Wisconsin). I was amazed at the difference in his quality of life during the second round of chemo – both times he recovered quickly and was generally healthy, but previously diarrhea and loss of appetite had made life difficult. We are now in week 8 of the 2nd course, but he is “eating” like a horse and has no diarrhea.

I suspect this could just be the K9. I was at an all day meeting last week and forgot to give the K9 to the dog walker. When I got home, he was very lethargic, as if he had had chemo that day. I gave him 2 K9 capsules and within 30 minutes he was happily eating his food and bringing his toys for me to play with. The change was incredible! I truly believe in the product! I am anxiously waiting to see if K9 will help him stay healthy when the chemo is over…

But I already thank K9 for helping her improve her quality of life during chemo. My little canine friend is happy, strong and hopefully will see another spring – which he loves so much.

I am in the process of ordering a Transfer Factor (I forgot you had recommended this earlier) to add to his diet as well.

Thanks again so much for your help in getting my puppy back to new life. I will soon be giving a series of seminars on canine lymphoma to local vets, as I am not convinced that doctors are aware of the existence of this wonderful nutritional supplement.

Best regards: Michele

Mohawk, 10 years old Norwegian Elkhound

Hello everyone,

I just want to thank you for this product.


Last April, my 6-year-old pug dog Mackintosh started acting strangely, as if he wasn’t himself. He was barely eating (which is not like him at all), had trouble breathing when he slept and ran out of energy. I took him to the vet, but everything was normal based on his labs. He gave us an anti-nausea medication and sent us home. Over the next few days he started getting worse so we went back to the vet. A more thorough check-up followed and it turned out that he had a swollen lymph node on his neck. We were given antibiotics and he said to wait a week, he might just have picked up an infection. When I looked up the phrase “swollen lymph nodes in dogs” on the internet, I despaired! It said that swollen lymph nodes in dogs often indicate cancer.Unfortunately, the antibiotics didn’t help and his condition deteriorated rapidly. We went back to the vet and asked him to check the lymph node swelling more closely. By the time the vet received the results from the lab, his liver function had partially shut down and he was almost at death’s door. He was diagnosed with lymphoma, which started in his liver (quite rare) and was given his first chemotherapy treatment that day, but he was very poorly. It took a week and a half before she started to regain her strength and look like her old self. Then he started eating again. He started to get better, but I knew he was still sick. The doctor told me that the chemotherapy would probably only prolong his life for about 6 months because the tumour was still in his liver.

I had always been on a holistic diet with Mackintosh, so I knew how beneficial it was, so I started looking for alternative ways to cure the tumour as well. I went on a raw food diet and found dogcancer.net. I immediately ordered K-9 Immunity – even though I was skeptical – saying I would do anything to help.

Now, 8 months later and 2 months after his last chemo, Mr. Mackintosh is doing great. In fact, he is better than he was before his illness! The vet always tells me how amazed he is that the doggy is doing so well. I believe that the chemotherapy supplemented with the dog’s Immunity has changed his fate.

I will continue to give it to him and keep my fingers crossed that he stays healed. Thank you so much for this excellent product!

(I have attached two pictures of Mack. One is from October 2011, right after his last chemo treatment, the other is from late December 2011 (2 months after his last treatment, 8 months after he started taking K-9 Immunity)


Mr. Mackintosh, 6 years old pug


Chinok, a Pyrenean mountain dog, came to us in 2005, when he was 11 months old. The breeder couldn’t sell him because he had a bite on his hock. Since we live on a farm and Chinok’s “brother” was already living with us, we were happy to take him in.

Before, he was only fed dry food, which we immediately changed to a raw diet with lots of bones.

In January 2006, we noticed that he had a wound on his right front leg and was limping. We went to the vet where the x-ray showed osteosarcoma. We were shocked by the news, especially for such a young dog!

The vet recommended amputation and chemotherapy, but added that this would only buy us a year at most. (We were very surprised when Chinok got up and walked the day after the amputation!)


We also started giving him sea pine and various herbal extracts, Omega, vitamins and various chemotherapy support drugs.His last chemo treatment was due in October 2006. We went back to the vet and consulted him about the results. He also did an x-ray of Chinok’s lungs to check for metastasis, however the x-ray showed a spot. Our vet said that it was most likely metastatic and that if we stopped treating Chinok, he had about 3 months to live (we later found out that the medicine he was taking with the chemo had caused a fungal infection in his lungs and that showed up on the x-ray as metastatic). We believed that the main cause of the cancer was a malfunctioning immune system, and we didn’t give up. We ordered K9 Immunity and K9 Transfer Factor, and started treatment even though the researchers at dogcancer.net said ours was a difficult case because osteosarcoma is very aggressive, especially in such a young dog.

Chinok continued to be fed raw food with lots of meaty bones and we continued to give him Sea Pine Extract, K9 Immunity, Transfer Factor, and Omega Fish Oil every day.

Now, in August 2008, Chinok is doing great, happily running around on 3 legs, a great watchdog, protecting our goats and geese from foxes. I think it is important for a dog to have a purpose in life to maintain his health. He gets a lot of love from us and we never think of him as a dog with cancer or an injury.

She never seemed to miss her leg, she took it for granted from the first moment she saw it. We have 7 dogs and Chinok is the pack leader, of course we are the bosses.

We hope our story gives strength to others who also have a dog with cancer.

The photos of Chinuk and his brother Lilou were taken in April 2006 during his chemotherapy treatment.

Yours sincerely, Sharryn Brown

Chinok, Pyrenean Mountain Dog

Our Labrador, Clark, was diagnosed with osteosarcoma on January 23, 2010, 1 day before his 3rd birthday. After the bone biopsy, our vet said he has 2-3 months to live if nothing is done; 4-6 months if he has his forelimb amputated, and 50% chance of living another year if he has chemotherapy after the amputation. We decided to try other, holistic remedies and started him on K-9 Immunity, Transfer Factor, Omega, and other Chinese herbal products that the vet recommended. We kept giving her these and after 6 months we took her to WSU (Washington State University) for palliative radiotherapy, but when they did the new x-rays, everyone was very surprised. The tumor was gone and the bones looked much better!!!

A month later we went back to WSU for another check up. Based on Clark’s condition, we were able to stop giving him pain meds, but we will continue to give him the holistic products for a while.

I just wanted to share this good news with you and thank you for these wonderful products.

Thank you very much,

Clark, Labrador


Since I have been on K9 the tumour has “settled”. A year and a half ago a huge tumour the size of two fists was removed from the dog. New tumor started growing in the spring, in two places at once. That’s when I ordered the K9 Immunity. The tumor simply remained in its original form. It was a hard little lump. And the dog is happy, lively, catches the bird in flight. He has a great appetite and he’s over 12.

I don’t know who found or discovered this, but God bless him!

Rozi, 12 years old

Dear K9-Immun Ltd.!!!


We also had a case of cancer in our dog ZSOMI, who is 13 years old. The diagnosis is GRADE III. He received chemo treatments every week and then every 2 weeks. The Dr. said if he doesn’t get chemo his tumor will grow as big as his head. He had a lump on his inner cheek, that’s how it started. As soon as he started taking the Immunity booster, within days he was in a better mood and happy and playful. We couldn’t believe how much his condition had improved. Now we only go for monthly treatments. The tumour has got so small that the Dr. asked, are you sure it’s on this side?

That is why I wrote down our story because it makes sense to give to the old dog. I can only recommend it to everyone.

Sincerely, Gabi.

Zsomi, 13 years old


Our puppy got autoimmune disease a year ago, when he was 5 years old. High fever, tremors, bloody stools, and many other symptoms. He was given a lot of injections and high doses of steroids, which wiped out his immune system, which left his body covered in boils from skin infections, so he had to be de-coated of his beautiful coat. Also thanks to the steroid, she developed stomach and duodenal ulcers. Thanks to careful medical treatment, she did not bleed to death. The previously housebroken dog peed and pooped 15-20 times a day. Later on, he showed signs of apathy, almost only getting up to eat or not even that. He snarled, bit, growled. Even walks became an agony. Several times we thought it might be better to let him sleep peacefully.

BUT WE DID NOT! And we were right! Slowly he improved and we reduced the steroids to a lower dose, but it was still a high dose. Then a new friend came to us, a cute little 4 month old Havanese we call just a therapy puppy. Then 3 months ago I came across K9 Transfer Factor! I thought I would try it, although I was sceptical, I didn’t think anything could improve Leo’s condition any further. And it took about 4 weeks and he was off to lead our little team. He’s been on K9 Transfer Factor for three months. Today he’s running, making friends with the other dogs again, watching, learning with his little friend Demon, eating well, housebroken again, playing, and most importantly, the steroids are down to 2×1/8!

We are so happy to have found this fantastic drug!
We hope that Leo and Demon will be part of our family for a very long time!

Leo again

Dear K9-Immun Ltd.!


Leo today… K9 Transfer Factor has worked wonders!


With thanks, Kata

Leo, 5 years old

Hi there!


Pici is a golden retriever mix, adopted from the streets in 2002. The poor thing was no longer needed, so he was dumped. He was a very small, skinny, ugly puppy, but we loved him and took him in. Fortunately he never had any serious health problems, he was always a happy dog, but he was not without ageing. In the last couple of years we have noticed signs of ageing and he has started to limp. Less at the beginning, then better. It was harder for him to move, to sit down, to run around, and lately he was getting more and more listless. Then we found K9 immune-boosting products and, thanks to DogHealth.com, Pici was able to try K9 Fullflex, a product specifically designed to strengthen cartilage and bones. I have nothing but good things to say about the product, Pici was happy to eat it as a reward food, so it was no problem to administer it. And his limp has visibly improved, after 1.5-2 weeks he was in a much better mood and it was easier for him to sit down and move around. And after the 1 month dose, it was like he had been replaced. He was running in front of us again when we got home, running, jumping. I didn’t believe in this and similar products before, but luckily I was wrong.

K9 Fullflex has helped Piki look younger again, reducing the pain of the aging process.

The attached picture was taken after taking 1 month dose on 27/09/2012.

Thank you very much to DogHealth.com for making this possible for him.

With thanks and best regards, – Orsolya

Pici kutyus
Pici, 10 years old golden retriever mix

Dear DogHealth.com!

My elderly dog has been suffering from joint problems for many years. I have taken him to our vet regularly and he has had little or no relief from his pain with medication.

K9 FullFlex has worked wonders. He can bounce happily, can run again, doesn’t whine at any movement and uses all four legs equally.

Hi, Emma

Kutyaegeszseg tempkep
Old dog

Dear K9-Immun Ltd.

I ordered from you on 17.07.2016 a pack of K9 Immunity Plus (60) for my dog. My puppy is a 9 year old small male mix (dachshund mix mama and all kinds of daddy) but very cute.

The vet diagnosed him with lymphoma, based on blood work and biopsy and we were very scared. She was given Endoxan tablets, the vet warned me that this is a chemotherapy drug and can have all sorts of side effects.

We quickly turned to the internet and found the Ltd. We immediately ordered the aforementioned immune booster and lo and behold, WELL.

The puppy tolerates the chemo medication without any nausea and the tumour is shrinking nicely. We haven’t noticed any change in his mood, he is happy, running around and doing his house “chores”. He may be yawning a little more, he is probably nauseous, but he hasn’t vomited once and his appetite is good.

I am very glad we found this immune booster. It’s quite expensive but it’s very good. When we get over this illness, I will definitely order it at least once a year for my puppy.

I felt I had to say this, I can only recommend it to owners.

Best regards. Edit.

Kutyaegeszseg tempkep
Dachshund mix, 9 years old small male mix

Dear DogHealth.com!

We have a 13 year old mixed breed large dog. 2 years ago a tick bit his left leg, only thanks to a quick medical intervention he is always with us. Since then, he hasn’t put as much weight on the bitten leg as the other and has found it increasingly difficult to stand up. His stomach was always bad after medication.

After a few weeks of taking K9 Fullflex, he was visibly happy to walk again and had no side effects.

We can only recommend the product!

Kutyaegeszseg tempkep
Anonymous, 13 years old mix

Dear DogHealth.com!

giorgio kutyus

My 3,5 year old male foxhound got a tumour. One of them has been removed, but unfortunately 2 are still in there, which unfortunately are inoperable. We have a wonderful vet! We found your product on the internet by chance by the way. Giorgio is taking it all the time (hidden in a little ointment) and the people we know are very impressed, even the doctor, that he is doing so well. He was operated on 3 August, when he weighed 9.5 kg. And this week it’s 13.8 kg. What we ordered this week there I read that Omega also available, so Giorgio get 3 capsules. Immunity, Omega, and Transfer Factor respectively. Very happy little dog again (with us of course).

Thanks for all your help 🙂

Good luck with your work!!!!

…Giorgio 6 months later…

I ordered another product for Giorgio. Because now we want to donate for the rest of his life.

But I would like to share with you the good news that 1 week ago he had another ultrasound and they found nowhere the 2 tumors that were in him. The Doctor also said it is a miracle!!!

We are so happy and that is why I wanted to tell you.

Good evening.

Giorgio, 3,5 years old male fox terrier

Dear DogHealth.com!

I would like to share my opinion about your product.

Two months ago my dwarf schnauzer was diagnosed with bladder tumour. We were very distressed. Our puppy Reno is 14 years old. The vet, who I can say is a friend, informed me of the possibility of surgery, but as a good friend, he did not recommend surgery because of the age of the dog and other risks. We left the clinic very devastated and devastated. When I got home, I started browsing the internet to see if I could find something that would “work wonders” in this situation.

That’s how I found K-9 Immunity capsules, which we immediately ordered and dosed Reno as described. We had to go back to the vet a few days ago for a follow-up ultrasound. We were very afraid of what news the vet would give us, what would he say about the dog’s general condition, how much the tumour had grown, how much longer we could spend together?

The first thing the doctor told us was that Reno looked very well, he hadn’t lost any weight, which surprised even her.

Then came the ultrasound scan, when she was told that it was a miracle: the tumour had not grown, in fact it had shrunk a few mm compared to the previous state.

The doctor knew to give him the K-9 capsules and she also recommended that we continue taking Immunity, because there was no other reason why the growth of this aggressive tumour had stopped and the general condition of the dog was excellent. I wanted to share this joy with everyone and thank DogHealth.com for giving us a little more time to spend with our pets with the help of their product.

I can only recommend this product to everyone. We wish you all the best for the future.

Reno, 14 years old

Dear DogHealth.com!

At first I was reluctant to buy their product K9 Fullflex because of its relatively high price, but now I wouldn’t switch to anything else because it has EXCEEDED ALL MY EXPECTATIONS! So, in capital letters.

Here is our story to prove it:
My Labrador, who is almost 11 years old, has had a lot of musculoskeletal problems since he was a puppy and because they are cumulative, surgery has done very little to help him. He has severe hip, elbow and knee dysplasia, bamboo spine and cervical disc herniation. Because of this, I have tried a lot of products that can help her, and even more! For a while he was on steroids and strong painkillers, which then led to intestinal problems and on top of that they were not having any significant effect. Nothing really helped him. He hadn’t played, run around, enjoyed himself with our other dog for 3 years and just lay there all day when I found K9 FullFlex and my eyes were caught by the medicinal mushrooms and high green mussel content. I asked a few dog friends about their experiences with the product and heard nothing but good things from them too. So I decided to buy a trial pack, but I wasn’t expecting a miracle. I should have expected a miracle, because it happened! After a week(!) of FullFlex, he was back to playing and running around with my other dog! He became much more lively, proactive and agile. Sometimes he even runs around and clowns around with me!

I am so grateful that Fullflex helped me to get back my real Ceasar, my ever happy Labrador.
A wonderful experience, thank you!
Really worth every penny, I recommend it!


Kutyaegeszseg tempkep
Cesar, 11 years old Labrador

Last November Happy was a patient, the doctor diagnosed cystitis and the UH showed a 4×7 mm lesion on the bladder wall. The inflammation cleared up immediately after a course of medication, Happy responded well because this was the second time in his life he had been given real medication, at the age of 8. However, the lesion on the bladder was very worrying and after careful research I chose this immune-boosting drug for him.

We went for a check-up after a month and a half, no sign of the thickening! According to the UH everything is fine with Happy, which can be seen with the UH.

I am very happy!


Kutyaegeszseg tempkep

2019.10.06. Unfortunately, K9 FullFlex didn’t work for us so we gave something else, but I really like the ingredients of this one, especially the medicinal mushroom extract. We will definitely try it because he has advanced hip dysplasia on one side and arthritis on the other leg.

2019.10.19. We just started today, I have high hopes for it I admit. We’ll see what happens in a week…

2019.10.26. Dear DOG HEALTH.COM, I will try to briefly describe the effect. My Molly is a 10 year old beagle girl puppy. Unfortunately she has already developed advanced dysplasia in one leg and arthritis in the other. We have been taking all sorts of things, everything, including medication. The previous ones have helped her a lot, but we wanted to change things up a bit and try something else and I have to admit I had high hopes for K9 InuFlex.

Well the experience I’m seeing on my puppy is FANTASTIC. He runs, he runs, he’s up way more and he’s back to being the old Mollyka. We can only recommend this product because it has really worked for us even though we have only been on it for 1 week.

Thank you on behalf of Mollyka.

Hi, Gabi

Molly, 10 years old beagle girl
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