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Hemangiosarcoma in dogs

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Hemangiosarcoma (tumor of blood vessels) is a very common, highly malignant type of cancer in dogs, and metastases often appear in the initial stages.

Hemangiosarcoma occurs mainly in areas rich in blood vessels. However, it can actually appear anywhere in the body, both on the surface and inside the body. It attacks the blood and blood vessels and through them the vital organs, the spleen, the liver, and the heart. It can occur in the bone, kidneys, or bladder, but certain types of sarcoma can also appear on the surface of the skin or under it.

Because this tumour grows on blood cells, often the tumours themselves are full of blood. The tumour then ruptures, causing internal bleeding.

It can occur in dogs of all ages and breeds, but is perhaps more common in older males, particularly boxers, setters, shepherds and retrievers.

Symptoms of hemangiosarcoma in dogs

In lucky cases, it can be diagnosed by palpation. Unfortunately, in many cases this type of cancer has no visible symptoms. The dog will play, eat and sleep as normal and only show signs when the tumour is very large and has metastasised.

The symptoms depend largely on the location of the tumour. There may be general weakness, lethargy, loss of appetite, vomiting, sudden weight loss, nosebleeds, fainting, anaemia. Pale mucous membranes, abnormal heart rhythm, abdominal distention, dark reddish bumps on the skin or hard but free-moving swelling under the skin surface.

Treatment of hemangiosarcoma in dogs

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Hemangiosarcoma is usually treated with surgical removal of the tumor followed by chemotherapy. Surgery is usually only possible in the case of superficial, near-surface or internal organs, and tumors that are not very deep, if the tumor can be properly identified.Usually, not only the tumor itself, but also part of the surrounding healthy tissue is removed in order to have a successful intervention. Because this type of tumor spreads easily, quickly and insidiously in the body, surgery is usually followed by chemotherapy.

However, early detection, modern treatments, appropriate cancer diet and the use of immunomodulatory therapy (K9 INU® and K9 InuFactor®) can significantly increase the chance of a favorable result.

Hemangiosarcoma is basically a disease that develops as a result of improper functioning of the immune system!

Hemangiosarcoma kutyáknál

Hemangiosarcoma kutyáknál

A hemangiosarcoma develops when the immune system fails to identify the abnormal cells as invaders, they begin to randomly form a network of weak-walled blood vessels that grow, develop into a tumor, and then burst, causing internal bleeding.

Traditional Asian medicine and, in recent years, modern medicine have also used special natural compounds to treat cancer. Their purpose is to try to correct the immune system’s malfunction.

Haemangiosarcoma and immunomodulatory therapy

The immunomodulatory components trigger the immune system to recognise the degenerated cells and mount an appropriate immune response. Recognition causes the body to “relearn” how to respond to abnormally developing cells. It destroys them, leaving healthy scar tissue in their place. This is called immunomodulatory therapy. 

Surgery and chemotherapy are essential to remove the tumour that has already developed. However, it is primarily the body’s own strength that is needed to help the dog defeat the disease.

It is therefore crucial to place great emphasis on strengthening the immune system alongside veterinary treatments!

Strengthening the immune system is essential in cancer (LymphomaOsteosarcomaMastocytomaHemangiosarcoma in dogsdog mammary tumours, etc.) or any other disease resulting from an immune disorder! Until the body reacts to the disease on its own, there is no real cure, only symptomatic treatment.

Many vets say, rightly so, that you can only prolong the dog’s life, but the tumor is still there. If a significant portion of the tumor can be removed and the liver is not affected, dogs with hemangiosarcoma usually respond well to a combination of conventional treatments and some form of immune-supportive therapy, such as K9 INU® and K9 InuExtra®.

A proper diet is essential

Cancer is one of the most common causes of death in dogs. Many experts believe that the main reason for this is an improper diet. We usually feed our pets foods based on cereals, even though dogs do not naturally graze on wheat fields. Dogs do not have the enzymes to digest and utilise grain. They are basically carnivores! When a carnivorous animal eats a grain-based diet, its body does not get (or cannot process and utilise) the nutrients it needs. This can lead to a high risk of immune disorders, including cancer.

If inappropriate diet is indeed one of the main causes of cancer, then it is clear that a good diet is essential for dogs with cancer. In fact, proper diet is one of the most important factors in successful cancer treatment! To really give our dogs everything they need to fight cancer, we need to provide them with the right nutrients. Just because a dog food is expensive or highly recommended does not mean it is the best for a dog with cancer. For more information, read our article FEEDING A DOG WITH CANCER .

K9 Immunity™

K9 Immunity

K9 Immunity

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K9 Immunity was developed for guide dogs suffering from cancer, but is now available for all dogs. It has already been used with outstanding success in more than 10,000 dogs suffering from cancer!

K9 Immunity™ contains immunomodulatory compounds called heteropolysaccharides, including PSK, PSP, and Lentinan, which are the three most commonly used anticancer compounds. It also contains nearly 200 other closely related polysaccharides that help the immune system function properly.

K9 Immunity™ is made from 100% USDA (US Department of Agriculture) and EU Certified Organic approved ingredients, under strict GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) and FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) recommendations. All-natural, non-toxic, 100% certified pure ingredients manufactured by Aloha Medicinals Inc.

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