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Dog mammary tumour

Dog mammary tumour

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Dog mammary tumour – Dogs are by far the most susceptible pets when it comes to mammary tumours. In fact, dogs are several times more likely to develop mammary tumours than women.

Breast tumours account for nearly half of all tumours in female dogs!
Neutering a dog at a young age greatly reduces the risk of developing the disease.

The development of dog mammary tumour

The development of tumours typically requires a combination of factors, so it is almost impossible to know the exact cause of their development. What is certain is that it is much more common in females than in males, but the prognosis is much more severe in males.

Certain dog breeds are genetically more prone to mammary tumours. German shepherd, spaniel, English setter, toy poodle, maltese and Yorkshire terrier breeds are among them.

The mammary tumour develops on average around 10 and a half years of age and is very rare in animals younger than 5 years.

Risk of mammary tumour

The most at risk is the females that is spayed after 2 years of age or not spayed at all. Their mammary tumour incidence is close to 30%. This means that one in three dogs will develop mammary tumours.

Therefore the best prevention is neutering at a young age.

Not to mention, if you don’t want to breed professionally, you can avoid becoming an unwitting breeder!

Here are some statistics:

  • The risk of developing a mammary tumour in females castrated before the first firing is 0.5%.
  • The rate for those castrated after the first firing is 8%.
  • After the second firing, the rate increases dramatically to 26%.

About half of mammary tumour cases are benign, while the other half are malignant.

Symptoms of dog mammary tumour

The most common symptom is slow growing swelling, lumps around the mammary glands. This usually does not cause the dog any pain. Surface sores, ulcers and inflammation may develop around the swellings. Other symptoms may include painful breasts, breast discharge, listlessness, loss of appetite, sudden weight loss, weakness.

Dog mammary tumour treatment

In most cases, surgical removal of the mammary tumour is the appropriate treatment. Whether the surgeon removes only the tumour or the surrounding tissue including lymph nodes and mammary gland is influenced by the age of the dog, its condition and the exact type and stage of the tumour.

Chemotherapy may also be needed after surgery if indicated.

Dog mammary tumour aftercare

Most dogs are well the day after surgery. Of course, it is important to give the painkillers and antibiotics prescribed by the doctor and to protect the wound from licking with a protective collar.

After 1 year following the removal of a malignant tumour, it is advisable to take your pet for a check-up at least every 3 months, and every six months thereafter.

Dog mammary tumour and the immunomodulatory therapy

Immunomodulatory therapy consists of two parts:

  • to reduce the size of the tumour using traditional methods (surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy),
  • activate the immune system, make it recognise the tumour cell and trigger an appropriate immune response.

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K9 INU®, and K9 InuExtra® products are composed of 6 different natural immune-boosting medicinal mushrooms. Their main active ingredients are heteropolysaccharides, which have immunostimulatory, antitumour and anti-metastatic effects.

Surgery and chemotherapy are effective in removing most of the tumour, but this is only half of the healing process. These interventions do not cure the cancer, they do not correct the immune system dysfunction that allowed the tumour cells to develop.

However, when surgical intervention and chemotherapy are used to remove the bulk of the tumour cells that are burdening the body, along with immunomodulatory therapy (K9 Immunity™ and K9 Immunity Plus™) to trigger the body’s own line of defence, the immune system, the chances of the dog beating the tumour and living a normal lifespan are excellent.

Strengthening the immune system is essential in cancer (LymphomaOsteosarcomaMastocytomaHemangiosarcoma in dogs, etc.) and against any other disease resulting from an immune disorder! As long as the body does not react to the disease on its own, there is no real healing, only symptomatic treatment.

You can find further information here about the correlation between dog cancer and medicinal mushrooms.

The vet usually says, rightly, that the only thing can be done to prolong the life of the dog, but the tumour is still there. Surgery and radiotherapy are essential to remove the tumour that has already developed, but it takes the body’s own strength to beat the disease.

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In addition to veterinary treatments, it is crucial to place great emphasis on strengthening the immune system!

K9 Immunity™

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K9 Immunity was developed for guide dogs suffering from cancer, but is now available for all dogs. It has already been used with outstanding success in more than 10,000 dogs suffering from cancer!

K9 Immunity™ contains immunomodulatory compounds called heteropolysaccharides, including PSK, PSP, and Lentinan, which are the three most commonly used anticancer compounds. It also contains nearly 200 other closely related polysaccharides that help the immune system function properly.
K9 Immunity™ is made from 100% USDA (US Department of Agriculture) and EU Certified Organic approved ingredients, under strict GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) and FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) recommendations. All-natural, non-toxic, 100% certified pure ingredients manufactured by Aloha Medicinals Inc.

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