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Pici is a golden retriever mix, adopted from the streets in 2002. The poor thing was no longer needed, so he was dumped. He was a very small, skinny, ugly puppy, but we loved him and took him in. Fortunately he never had any serious health problems, he was always a happy dog, but he was not without ageing. In the last couple of years we have noticed signs of ageing and he has started to limp. Less at the beginning, then better. It was harder for him to move, to sit down, to run around, and lately he was getting more and more listless. Then we found K9 immune-boosting products and, thanks to DogHealth.com, Pici was able to try K9 Fullflex, a product specifically designed to strengthen cartilage and bones. I have nothing but good things to say about the product, Pici was happy to eat it as a reward food, so it was no problem to administer it. And his limp has visibly improved, after 1.5-2 weeks he was in a much better mood and it was easier for him to sit down and move around. And after the 1 month dose, it was like he had been replaced. He was running in front of us again when we got home, running, jumping. I didn’t believe in this and similar products before, but luckily I was wrong.

K9 Fullflex has helped Piki look younger again, reducing the pain of the aging process.

The attached picture was taken after taking 1 month dose on 27/09/2012.

Thank you very much to DogHealth.com for making this possible for him.

With thanks and best regards, – Orsolya

Pici, 10 years old golden retriever mix
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