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Dear DogHealth.com!

giorgio kutyus

My 3,5 year old male foxhound got a tumour. One of them has been removed, but unfortunately 2 are still in there, which unfortunately are inoperable. We have a wonderful vet! We found your product on the internet by chance by the way. Giorgio is taking it all the time (hidden in a little ointment) and the people we know are very impressed, even the doctor, that he is doing so well. He was operated on 3 August, when he weighed 9.5 kg. And this week it’s 13.8 kg. What we ordered this week there I read that Omega also available, so Giorgio get 3 capsules. Immunity, Omega, and Transfer Factor respectively. Very happy little dog again (with us of course).

Thanks for all your help 🙂

Good luck with your work!!!!

…Giorgio 6 months later…

I ordered another product for Giorgio. Because now we want to donate for the rest of his life.

But I would like to share with you the good news that 1 week ago he had another ultrasound and they found nowhere the 2 tumors that were in him. The Doctor also said it is a miracle!!!

We are so happy and that is why I wanted to tell you.

Good evening.

Giorgio, 3,5 years old male fox terrier
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