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Dachshund mix

Dear K9-Immun Ltd.

I ordered from you on 17.07.2016 a pack of K9 Immunity Plus (60) for my dog. My puppy is a 9 year old small male mix (dachshund mix mama and all kinds of daddy) but very cute.

The vet diagnosed him with lymphoma, based on blood work and biopsy and we were very scared. She was given Endoxan tablets, the vet warned me that this is a chemotherapy drug and can have all sorts of side effects.

We quickly turned to the internet and found the Ltd. We immediately ordered the aforementioned immune booster and lo and behold, WELL.

The puppy tolerates the chemo medication without any nausea and the tumour is shrinking nicely. We haven’t noticed any change in his mood, he is happy, running around and doing his house “chores”. He may be yawning a little more, he is probably nauseous, but he hasn’t vomited once and his appetite is good.

I am very glad we found this immune booster. It’s quite expensive but it’s very good. When we get over this illness, I will definitely order it at least once a year for my puppy.

I felt I had to say this, I can only recommend it to owners.

Best regards. Edit.

Dachshund mix, 9 years old small male mix
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