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Dear DogHealth.com!

I would like to share my opinion about your product.

Two months ago my dwarf schnauzer was diagnosed with bladder tumour. We were very distressed. Our puppy Reno is 14 years old. The vet, who I can say is a friend, informed me of the possibility of surgery, but as a good friend, he did not recommend surgery because of the age of the dog and other risks. We left the clinic very devastated and devastated. When I got home, I started browsing the internet to see if I could find something that would “work wonders” in this situation.

That’s how I found K-9 Immunity capsules, which we immediately ordered and dosed Reno as described. We had to go back to the vet a few days ago for a follow-up ultrasound. We were very afraid of what news the vet would give us, what would he say about the dog’s general condition, how much the tumour had grown, how much longer we could spend together?

The first thing the doctor told us was that Reno looked very well, he hadn’t lost any weight, which surprised even her.

Then came the ultrasound scan, when she was told that it was a miracle: the tumour had not grown, in fact it had shrunk a few mm compared to the previous state.

The doctor knew to give him the K-9 capsules and she also recommended that we continue taking Immunity, because there was no other reason why the growth of this aggressive tumour had stopped and the general condition of the dog was excellent. I wanted to share this joy with everyone and thank DogHealth.com for giving us a little more time to spend with our pets with the help of their product.

I can only recommend this product to everyone. We wish you all the best for the future.

Reno, 14 years old
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