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Mr. Mackintosh

Hello everyone,

I just want to thank you for this product.


Last April, my 6-year-old pug dog Mackintosh started acting strangely, as if he wasn’t himself. He was barely eating (which is not like him at all), had trouble breathing when he slept and ran out of energy. I took him to the vet, but everything was normal based on his labs. He gave us an anti-nausea medication and sent us home. Over the next few days he started getting worse so we went back to the vet. A more thorough check-up followed and it turned out that he had a swollen lymph node on his neck. We were given antibiotics and he said to wait a week, he might just have picked up an infection. When I looked up the phrase “swollen lymph nodes in dogs” on the internet, I despaired! It said that swollen lymph nodes in dogs often indicate cancer.Unfortunately, the antibiotics didn’t help and his condition deteriorated rapidly. We went back to the vet and asked him to check the lymph node swelling more closely. By the time the vet received the results from the lab, his liver function had partially shut down and he was almost at death’s door. He was diagnosed with lymphoma, which started in his liver (quite rare) and was given his first chemotherapy treatment that day, but he was very poorly. It took a week and a half before she started to regain her strength and look like her old self. Then he started eating again. He started to get better, but I knew he was still sick. The doctor told me that the chemotherapy would probably only prolong his life for about 6 months because the tumour was still in his liver.

I had always been on a holistic diet with Mackintosh, so I knew how beneficial it was, so I started looking for alternative ways to cure the tumour as well. I went on a raw food diet and found dogcancer.net. I immediately ordered K-9 Immunity – even though I was skeptical – saying I would do anything to help.

Now, 8 months later and 2 months after his last chemo, Mr. Mackintosh is doing great. In fact, he is better than he was before his illness! The vet always tells me how amazed he is that the doggy is doing so well. I believe that the chemotherapy supplemented with the dog’s Immunity has changed his fate.

I will continue to give it to him and keep my fingers crossed that he stays healed. Thank you so much for this excellent product!

(I have attached two pictures of Mack. One is from October 2011, right after his last chemo treatment, the other is from late December 2011 (2 months after his last treatment, 8 months after he started taking K-9 Immunity)


Mr. Mackintosh, 6 years old pug
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