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I am just writing to thank you for your product, K9 Immunity. We have a 10 year old Norwegian Elkhound, Mohawk, who was diagnosed with lymphoma last May. We went through 20 weeks of Wisconsin protocol chemotherapy, but unfortunately in January he relapsed again. I found your product in December and decided to add it to his diet as a nutritional supplement for his second chemo course (10 weeks of modified Wisconsin). I was amazed at the difference in his quality of life during the second round of chemo – both times he recovered quickly and was generally healthy, but previously diarrhea and loss of appetite had made life difficult. We are now in week 8 of the 2nd course, but he is “eating” like a horse and has no diarrhea.

I suspect this could just be the K9. I was at an all day meeting last week and forgot to give the K9 to the dog walker. When I got home, he was very lethargic, as if he had had chemo that day. I gave him 2 K9 capsules and within 30 minutes he was happily eating his food and bringing his toys for me to play with. The change was incredible! I truly believe in the product! I am anxiously waiting to see if K9 will help him stay healthy when the chemo is over…

But I already thank K9 for helping her improve her quality of life during chemo. My little canine friend is happy, strong and hopefully will see another spring – which he loves so much.

I am in the process of ordering a Transfer Factor (I forgot you had recommended this earlier) to add to his diet as well.

Thanks again so much for your help in getting my puppy back to new life. I will soon be giving a series of seminars on canine lymphoma to local vets, as I am not convinced that doctors are aware of the existence of this wonderful nutritional supplement.

Best regards: Michele

Mohawk, 10 years old Norwegian Elkhound
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