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Our puppy got autoimmune disease a year ago, when he was 5 years old. High fever, tremors, bloody stools, and many other symptoms. He was given a lot of injections and high doses of steroids, which wiped out his immune system, which left his body covered in boils from skin infections, so he had to be de-coated of his beautiful coat. Also thanks to the steroid, she developed stomach and duodenal ulcers. Thanks to careful medical treatment, she did not bleed to death. The previously housebroken dog peed and pooped 15-20 times a day. Later on, he showed signs of apathy, almost only getting up to eat or not even that. He snarled, bit, growled. Even walks became an agony. Several times we thought it might be better to let him sleep peacefully.

BUT WE DID NOT! And we were right! Slowly he improved and we reduced the steroids to a lower dose, but it was still a high dose. Then a new friend came to us, a cute little 4 month old Havanese we call just a therapy puppy. Then 3 months ago I came across K9 Transfer Factor! I thought I would try it, although I was sceptical, I didn’t think anything could improve Leo’s condition any further. And it took about 4 weeks and he was off to lead our little team. He’s been on K9 Transfer Factor for three months. Today he’s running, making friends with the other dogs again, watching, learning with his little friend Demon, eating well, housebroken again, playing, and most importantly, the steroids are down to 2×1/8!

We are so happy to have found this fantastic drug!
We hope that Leo and Demon will be part of our family for a very long time!

Leo again

Dear K9-Immun Ltd.!


Leo today… K9 Transfer Factor has worked wonders!


With thanks, Kata

Leo, 5 years old
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