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Dear DogHealth.com!

At first, I was reluctant to buy your product named K9 Fullflex due to its relatively high price, but now I would not switch to anything else, as it has EXCEEDED ALL MY EXPECTATIONS! Just like that, in capital letters.

Here is our story to prove it:
My nearly 11-year-old Labrador has had a lot of musculoskeletal problems since puppyhood, and since these were cumulative, surgeries barely helped. He has severe hip, elbow, and knee dysplasia, bamboo spine, and cervical disc herniation. Because of this, I have tried many products that might help him, even! For a while, he was on steroids and strong painkillers, which then led to internal organ problems, and on top of that, they no longer had a significant effect. Really, nothing helped him.
He hadn’t played, run around, or frolicked with our other dog for 3 years, just lay there all day when I found K9 Fullflex and my eye was caught by its medicinal mushroom and high green-lipped mussel content. I asked a few dog-owning friends about their experience with the product and heard only good things from them too. So I decided to buy a trial pack, but I didn’t expect a miracle. Though I could have because it happened!

After a week(!) of FullFlex treatment, he regained his desire to play and run around with my other dog! He became much more alert, assertive, and mobile. Sometimes he even dashes off and plays the fool for me!

I am endlessly grateful that Fullflex helped me get back the real Caesar, my eternally cheerful Labrador.
It’s a wonderful experience, thank you!
Indeed, the product is worth every penny, I recommend it!”


Ceasar, Labrador Retriever
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