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canine sports

Canine sports are becoming increasingly popular among responsible dog owners. As well as being a great pastime, it’s great for the dog-owner relationship!

Nowadays, dogs often live alongside us as pampered “houseplants” without a job to do.

In the past, there was a function for each breed, and they really did work for their daily bread! Today, however, life for urban dogs is a bit like a luxury prison.

They get full service and participate in programs (if any) that often do not meet their real needs.

And if they cannot release their pent-up energy because of inadequate dog ownership, if they have nothing to do and are confined to forced rest, this leads not only to behavioural problems but also to health problems.

Canine sports

Consciously (mentally) exhausting your dog is just as important as, for example, eating right, or even better!

Another important thing to know is that physical exercise alone is not enough! I wonder how many people know themselves when, even after a three-hour walk home, the dog is controllable for about twenty minutes, after which it is just as agile, excitable and sometimes even more out of control than before the long walk.

It’s not enough to put a dog on a treadmill and let him tire himself out. That’s not dog sport!

We need to give them the space to satisfy their instincts and exploit their genetically inherited abilities. This may mean varying needs depending on your dog’s breed and habits.

It is also important to exercise your dog’s brain. Giving him mental challenges that he can still solve will give him a sense of achievement. In addition, it is important that your dog participates in these activities with you, and that you are the one who determines the course of events and the beginning and end of the joint action.

Coordinated, group work, “joint action”, led by the dominant individual – in this case the owner – is one of the most important parts of a dog’s life.

Weight Pulling
Weight Pulling 1024 825 K9-DogHealth.com

Weight Pulling

Weight pulling – Muscles tense, adrenaline levels rise in both the dog and the handler, and the dog, weighing barely 20 kg, sets off with over 2 tons of weight behind it. Almost unbelievable, but this is not a made-up…

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Guard dog 1024 576 K9-DogHealth.com

Guard dog

Guard dog – First and foremost, it cannot be emphasized enough that guard dog work is one of the most responsible branches of dog training! Taking a nonchalant, unprofessional, or perhaps “DIY mischief” approach is not equal to carefully structured,…

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Dog Dancing 1024 576 K9-DogHealth.com

Dog Dancing

Dog Dancing: A Surprising Canine Sport Dog Dancing When someone hears the term “dog dancing,” they typically react with surprise: “What? Dog dancing?” Indeed, based on the name alone, one might imagine beautifully groomed and tulle-clad dogs twirling around on…

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Flyball 1024 683 K9-DogHealth.com


Flyball Flyball took off when Herbert Wagner, in 1970, introduced his tennis ball launcher and the dog that retrieved the ball during an episode of the Johnny Carson Show. Shortly after, dog trainers and canine clubs began using the device.…

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Frisbee 1024 682 K9-DogHealth.com


Frisbee – As people have urbanized, the majority of their dogs have become primarily companion animals. Their actual working tasks have ceased (along with mental and physical exertion), which is why they were originally bred. Frisbee It’s essential for us…

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Agility 650 366 K9-DogHealth.com


The Formation of Agility Agility. In 1978, one of the organizers of the Birmingham Dog Show, John Varley, wanted to entertain the audience during breaks with something special and never-before-seen. He invited Peter Meanwell, an equestrian officer, who created a…

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Mantrailing 1024 666 K9-DogHealth.com


Mantrailing Mantrailing or person tracking is a dog sport that is not well-known in Europe yet but is widely popular in the field of service dogs worldwide. Its basis – searching for missing or escaped individuals with the help of…

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dog tricks
Dog tricks 650 366 K9-DogHealth.com

Dog tricks

As well as being a lot of fun, teaching different dog tricks is also very good for the dog-owner relationship. And there are plenty of compliments to be won while practising at the dog run! Touching the pointer Dog tricks…

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