About Albert, K9 and us

The beginnings

The whole story began on 17 May 2010 when the ultrasonography examination showed that Albert, our Hungarian Vizsla not yet turned 10 has a bladder tumor. The radiologist estimated 5 percent the chance of survival and the operability due to the size and the position of the tumor.

Our vet recommended the University in István Street where dr. Tibor Németh carried out the surgery in two days, partially removing the tumor. After that, he forwarded us to dr. Péter Vajdovich oncologist who started the first chemotherapy treatment.

We were afraid of the side effects of the treatment but, as it was said, it is different with dog than with humans. There was one or two droopy days and nothing else.

After four occasions of chemotherapy and regular medication the tumor didn’t grow back and there were no metastases, thus we were extremely happy.

But after 3-4 months, the tumor started to grow again and Albert had to go again under chemotherapy but of a different kind that the last time. After the first full-day treatment Albert got unwell – didn’t eat and didn’t drink. It had been revealed that he was on of the especially sensible dogs whose body reacts badly to that type of chemotherapy. As a side effect of the treatment the kidneys and the pancreas of Albert partially stopped.

A daily (even on weekends) infusion cure began in order to leach his kidney and to restart the functioning of his organs. Through the internet search of my father we found the K9 product which we immediately ordered. We followed the recommendation of dr. Vajdovich – according to which we can try any immune strengthening product, it cannot do any harm – and made brave efforts. After one week of infusion Albert still hardly moved and didn’t eat anything. A small breeze in the street could push over our formerly energetic and a bit foolish Vizsla; we became completely desperate. We forced him to swallow the first five capsule of K9 Immunity on a “nothing-to-lose” basis, and I left the dog at my parents that if he would not get better, the next day we take him to the hospital in order to put him to sleep and not for infusion.


He stayed with us for a while

But the next day my parents called that the dog moves and have already drunk and infusion will be carried out. After one and a half week of infusion his kidneys and pancreas functioned to an extent that we didn’t have to take him for treatment but we knew that he has got only a few months left. Unfortunately his former appetite didn’t come back due to the sensibility. e became fastidious about his food (previously he was a begging eating machine) thus we could not dose the K9 products in accordance with the prescription. (If we mixed them in the water, he chose not to drink that day).

Finally his kidney gave up the fight on 7 October 2011. By then he didn’t eat and drink anything since one and a half week. That morning he was hardly able to stand up, and we immediately realized that we could not let him suffer anymore.

We got one and a half year of delay due to the surgeon, the oncologist and the K9 against a serious disease with which most of the dogs lives half a year at most.

We regret that we didn’t find these products in 2008 when a small tumor was removed from the side of the eye of Albert. If we started to strengthen his immune system at that moment, it is possible that the tumor of the bladder wasn’t even formed.
That is the reason why we decided to start the distribution of the K9 products of Aloha Medicinals Inc. in Hungary. Maybe other masters will get more time with their four-legged family members due to adequate therapy and immune strengthening.

Prevention implies essentially less physical and mental pain than surgeries and chemotherapy (and is generally cheaper). If the disease is already there, it is very important to consult a veterinary oncologist. The K9 products are not charms (although they supplied a miraculous help to us) and the traditional treatments are definitely necessary unless cancer kills our dog very fast.

If we had the possibility to get back Albert when he was 5 years old, we would feed and take care of him in a completely different manner. We would do much more for prevention.



We would like to thank Dr. Péter Vajdovich and his colleagues (dr. Eszter Szendi and Zsófi) the care and love showed to our Albert. He was never afraid of going to them not even when we stroked him into the last, eternal sleep in the vet’s office.

And we would like to thank Albert, to provide us a possibility to give another “weapon” to the other dogs for the fight against cancer.