K-9 Immunity™

For complementary treatment of tumour diseases, general strengthening of the immune system and enhancement of fitness.

  • It enhances and strengthens the functioning of the immune system thus contributing – completing the traditional treatment – to the efficient immune reaction of the body to the diagnosed tumour disease.
  • By its favourable biological effects it enhances the efficiency of the traditional tumour treatments and reduces their side effects.
  • It is a general conditioner and immune booster with all advantages of the healthy immune system.
  • By strengthening the immune system it helps the regeneration of the body after chemotherapy and reduces the risk of recurrence.


Formulated to help dogs with cancer

What is K-9 Immunity?

K-9 Immunity™ is an immune-boosting daily supplement specifically formulated to help dogs with cancer. And to help dogs prevent serious illnesses like cancer.

How did my dog get cancer?

Every day, your dog replicates 100 million cells a day. Due to environmental factors and age, some cells become damaged during the replication process. When your dog’s immune system is strong, their body recognizes healthy cells from damaged ones and rids the damaged cells before they can cause health issues.

But when your dog’s immune system weakens, their body doesn’t recognize the damaged calls and lets them continue growing freely. This is when cancer and other serious illnesses occur.

How does K-9 Immunity™ help my dog?

K9 Immunity strengthens and balances your dog’s immune system so the body recognizes and destroys damaged cells. This improves their body’s ability to overcome illness and helps protect them against future illness.

Your dog’s immune system helps fight cancer in two ways:

  • Keeps existing cells healthy as they replicate
  • Rids damaged cells (like cancer cells) before they can multiply
Once your dog’s immune system strengthens, it may also help them:

  • Increase response to cancer treatment
  • Speed up recovery
  • Reduce side-effects from other cancer therapies
  • Prevent a serious future illness/relapse
  • Improve quality of life
  • Extend their time with you


K-9 Immunity is derived from medicinal mushrooms

Most dog cancer treatments derive their immunomodulators from simple brewers yeast beta glucans. Instead, K-9 Immunity™ derives theirs from organic medicinal mushrooms containing over 200 heteropolysaccharide immunomodulators. Each of these mushrooms are well-studied for their anti-cancer, anti-tumor, immune regulating compounds.

To maintain purity and potency, the mushrooms are grown in a highly-regulated organic facility here in the U.S. Other dog cancer treatment products may contain medicinal mushrooms, but most are from overseas and likely to contain toxins and other dangerous pollutants.


Proprietary immune-strengthening technology

The largest class of anti-cancer drugs used in the world today is a class called heteropolysaccharide immunomodulators.

K-9 Immunity™ products are made from the most technologically advanced immunomodulator in the world. It’s called Immune Assist Micron™. No other canine cancer treatment contains it.

How this benefits your canine companion:

  • 100% bioavailable (absorption rate) for better results – brewers yeast beta glucans average 5-10% bioavailability.
  • Activates ALL 260 different classes of immune cells – including natural killer cells, T-cells, and macrophages. Simple beta glucans only activate a few.
  • Does not create any additional stress on the body while activating healing mechanisms.
  • Supports regulatory functions and critical body systems including the nervous, hormonal, and immune systems.

Patented formula provides noticeable results

In addition to our proprietary Immune Assist Micron™ technology, K-9 Immunity™ also contains:

  • All three of the most widely used anti-cancer compounds worldwide (for humans and dogs): PSK, PSP and Lentinan.
  • Nearly 200 additional immune-strengthening compounds called heteropolysaccharides.

We recommend to use it with immune proteins such as K9 Transfer Factor to increase the formula’s effectiveness and results.

For maximum support, see our newest formula: K9 Immunity Plus™.

Is K9 Immunity™ right for my dog?

K9 Immunity™ is safe for all dog breeds needing immune system support and has no known side effects. This formula is safe for dogs of all ages, pregnant dogs, and nursing dogs. As with any supplement, we suggest discussing the dosage with your veterinarian first.


K-9 Immunity™ reduces risk of recurring tumors

At best, most dog cancer treatments such as chemotherapy, radiation or surgery slow down the cancer. But they do not prevent cancer from recurring because these common treatments do not address your dog’s weakened immune system.

When you use K-9 Immunity™ supplements on their own, or in addition to other cancer treatments, you improve your dog’s health while decreasing the chance of recurring tumors.


Guaranteed safe, natural and effective:

  • Safe for all breeds and sizes
  • Safe to use with other cancer treatments
  • Made with 100% USDA Certified Organic materials
  • Manufactured in a FDA registered facility
  • 100% non GMO
  • Created according to the highest pharmaceutical standards
  • Absolutely no binders, fillers, flow enhancers or time release agents
  • Have no known side-effects
  • 100% non-toxic (no risk of overdosing)
Recommended Daily Use:

One capsule per 4,5 kilograms of body weight daily. Or as recommended by your vet. Capsule should be taken with food.

K-9 Immunity™ is the only formula that turns on all 260 types of immune cells. This provides your dog faster and better results.


Information for the Veterinarian: HERE!